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Help our Kids! Support Common Sense Education...

Our education processes need improvement, we need to work with our teachers and help to equip them with the resources they need to be successful. Most importantly, our students need exposure to career opportunities at an early age, so they can have a successful pathway through their education helping them to find their dreams in the workplace.

We need to train the workforce of tomorrow for the jobs of the future and that includes much more modern methods of teaching. We need to support great schools no matter what type of school they are and support options for parents to send their children to the schools of their choosing.

There has been a lot of talk about Public and Public Charter Schools who altogether have not really served our communities very well when compared with other states. We must approach education with more common sense and with student centered learning as the first priority. Too much priority has been placed on educators instead of students. We need to support our teachers and help equip them with modern tools to be successful and we have to get our educational programs to a more modern model that will be successful.

It is a difficult challenge, how do our schools compete to create better education for our children? Most schools currently operate through the huge bureaucracy of the State of California and schools have adopted sluggish systems that do not respond quickly to external needs, but we can make improvements if we can create an adoption by teachers and administrators that continuous change is a positive culture that is necessary for improvement.

Businesses realized that change was a good thing long ago and should be a part of the business culture in order to compete. Unfortunately, school systems have not been effective or efficient with their funds and resources and have not embraced change as a part of their culture and that is the primary reason why other states have surpassed the State of California in education. The solution is to adopt continuous improvement in our schools, to embrace change as a positive objective, and to reduce bureaucratic systems wherever possible. It is a dream, our kids are relying upon us to help them with their dreams.

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