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"I come from family that has been involved with public service for as long as I can remember.    I will work hard for you.  We must equip our students to compete in the Global Marketplace, we need to improve our schools cost effectively, and make public safety for our children a priority.  I know what it takes to find common sense solutions, how to navigate the complicated education bureaucracy and governmental agencies, and how to get things done."
Academics & Education

In today's complex world we need to equip learners with the ability to compete in the Global Marketplace.  Our students need a broader variety of career options to choose from of real jobs that exist today and in the future.  We can help our kids set career goals at an earlier age by presenting to them real world career mentors and opportunities.  We need to teach not only college preparation but also career technical education to offer a broader array of educational pathways.

Eric Lund Educaton

When schools compete for students they teach and do better for kids.  We need to promote all great schools and offer a broader array of choices for parents in educating their children.

Our schools should be the best in the world, our teachers should be the most modern educators and produce the best results for our students possible.  When teachers compete they teach better and improve.  We need to make our education processes less cumbersome and more service oriented toward students.  We must offer a broad array of choices in education for families so they can choose what is best for their children.


Our San Diego Board of Education should be transparent in it's control and expenditure of finances and in explaining positions on votes.  The Board should embrace positive change and be more service oriented toward the families they represent not to special interests.  The Board should be able to explain why they turn down some schools when there is not a good reason. 

We can and must do better!


Academics, Competition, Transparency are summed up by ACTing to vote for change.  Vote for Eric J Lund this June and help to improve our schools, our choices and our children's future!

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