San Diego County Board of Education

Supporting Our Region!

Hello, my name is Eric J Lund. 


I first thank my family for supporting and being patient with me through the years.  Having a balanced life is a challenge, indeed, only through the strong support of my wife, sons, daughter, relatives and friends, have I been blessed in so many ways in my life and I truly thank God for all that I have been privileged to participate in.  Truly, a huge thank you, to each of you.

In my professional life, I have worked with amazing teams at the San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce, San Diego Tourism Authority, and recently at Visit Estes Park in Colorado.  We have successfully produced great improvements in assisting small to large businesses start, grow and be successful.  This is truly a great calling and it is a joy that we are able to contribute to our local economy and our communities in such a positive way.  Currently, I am working with a great team at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.


Our efforts to organize the region and end homelessness in our communities has been a priority leadership issue to deal with and I am proud of the way our community has come together to solve this serious problem. We formed the San Diego East County Homeless Task Force and I invite you to get involved by volunteering or donating to help end homelessness in your area.  


It has also been my honor to teach at Grossmont and Southwestern Colleges.  I have been working in education for more than seventeen years! I really appreciate the support of my colleagues at both campuses.  Guiding students and helping them build great business careers is amazing.  Helping them to pursue and realize their dreams is my mission.   It is critical that we support our students and our communities so that we may compete effectively in the global marketplace.

I hope you find your passion and pursue it to the fullest and enjoy a life full of service and joy!

Eric J Lund

Eric Lund Candidate