Eric J Lund

Eric J Lund

VP Tourism Development
Stanley Hotel,
Estes Park, Colorado
Passion - Service - Leadership


Estes Park

Eric has been working with his team at the Stanley Hotel for the past year.

Current programs include a new International Film Center being constructed at a cost of more than 40 million dollars.



Service to our communities, memberships:

  • Rotary

  • Kiwanis

  • Lions

  • Elks

  • Stoney's Kids

  • Rescue Task Force


About Eric

"My Wife Georgia is my partner and long-time best friend.  We have been together for more than 28 years and we have helped our three children grow into responsible contributors to our communities.  I am proud of our kids, and we also  love rescuing deserving dogs.  We currently have three wonderful furry friends."


The Stanley Hotel is a campus of Historic Buildings, built in 1909 on 60 acres